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When a person has reached the peak of success, that person should never find herself all alone. This is because, no one can ever attain such great success without good people alongside him or her.

Throughout my professional life, I have always adhered to this saying. Fuji Group, as we know it today, would not have become such a great success without the support of the very good and generous people around me. I am not working alone on this road. In fact, I have always had with me a team of dedicated professionals who have always been there for me.

From the day out first restaurant opened in Thailand, we have been offering only our very best to customers. We work hard to satisfy the discerning requirements of our customers with distinctive tastes, innovative dishes and stylish ambience. Maximum operation efficiency is also achieved with our constant improvement in human resources, management policies and advanced technology. We strive to see customers come to us, enjoy our food, pay a reasonable bill, and leave healthy and satisfied.

Today Fuji Group owns and operates one of Thailand’s largest health restaurant chains with 60 branches* across the country. We currently have more than 180,000 members*, and have produced over 4,200 Million Baht* worth of growth last year. Outstanding menu items, consistent quality control and capable personnel all contribute to the distinctive value of Fuji Group.

With an aim to take our business success to new heights, we are bringing this same healthy and tantalizing culinary experience to other countries around the world. This should also present a unique opportunity for investors who are interested in participating in a business with proven potential growth.