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Fuji Group operates with restaurants at the core of its business structure and a number of integrated supporting businesses to maximize operation efficiency.


Tana Fresh Co., Ltd.

Tana Fresh is a sourcing company. It has overall responsibility for raw material procurement, develop and implement strategic sourcing plans to meet forecasted sales demands.

Tana Food & Beverage Co., Ltd.

Tana Food & Beverage is Fuji Group’s logistics company providing integrated solutions for the group’s entire logistics operation. It offers professional material handling, warehousing and storage to the Fuji Group. And also manage the niche market for exclusive Japanese condiment under the Fuji Group.

TANA Creative Life Co., Ltd.

Fuji Group has formed a new breed company, TANA Creative Live. The company serves a Thai property market where there are potential opportunities for resort development, as well as, in managing property leasing for the Fuji Group.

Asia Natural Grow Supplement Co., Ltd.

The significant growth of the beverage industry has driven Fuji Group to move forward with the Asia Natural Grow Supplement. The company has overall responsibility of managing beverages under the Fuji Group.

POS Network Solution Co., Ltd.

Fuji Group realizes the importance of efficient information technology management in the organization, and therefore, POS Network Solution Co., Ltd. was established to help supervise the group’s entire operation in this area.

K2 Interior Creation Co., Ltd.

K2 Interior Creation is responsible for the design and decoration of all Fuji Group restaurants. It also offers professional interior design and decoration service to other clients.

Infinite Creation Co., Ltd.

Infinite Creation serves as the group’s advertising agency. The company’s service covers strategic marketing, brand building, media planning and purchasing, marketing communication strategic planning, public relations consultation, advertisement design and production. The agency primarily serves every single brand under Fuji Group, yet it also welcomes other clients.