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Today, Fuji Group owns and operates Thailand's No.1 Japanese restaurant chain. Our success is a result of our continuous hard work in brand building, in order to sustain a high level of brand awareness, brand preference and brand loyalty. Our capable team of experienced marketing and communication strategy, which has led to one highly successful execution plan after another. Our continuous brand building activities are conducted via various types of media. Television, billboards, magazines and cinema commercials are actively used to promote Japanese cuisine as a healthy & tasty alternative food under our ongoing "Delicious & Healthy" campaign. The effort is exceptionally fruitful particularly in terms of revenue generation and branch expansion.

In addition, the advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was implemented at our first restaurant in Thailand to introduce the "Fuji Smart Card" in our membership system. This is to ensure even greater satisfaction in our customer relations, as well as, making us a top-of-mind brand for them.