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Our purchasing system accomplishes quality and effective cost management through sophisticated purchasing software we have developed ourselves, together with, three decades of experience in the restaurant business. We are able to procure highest quality raw materials at the lowest possible prices from the best of sauces and in just the right amount to satisfy needs of each of our restaurants. Purchase orders are sent out one day in advance on a daily basis, to ensure optimum freshness of raw materials when they arrive.

Supplier Selection

We have handpicked only the most reliable raw material producers and suppliers who are capable of providing us with products that meet international standards and at reasonable costs.

Raw Material Selection

Raw material quality is our top priority. We select only high-quality materials from around the world that deliver excellent taste, as well as, are safe to consume.

Quality Control

Quality control is an integral part of our operation, right from the purchase order to the final point when the raw material are actually used. Stringent criteria have been established to guarantee freshness, cleanliness and safety of food. The same menu item must be the same taste, portion size and appearance in each and every restaurant. Training is conducted at least once a month for the head chefs from each kitchen. This updates them with new knowledge and helps provide regular checks on the quality of food served at their respective branches.

Logistics Management

Our distribution system begins at a large central warehouse, which distributes the actual amount of raw materials needed to all branches. This system is effective in helping us maintain the quality of raw materials, as well as, keeping transportation and inventory costs down. Raw materials are delivered to Bangkok branches every day and to branches outside Bangkok twice a week.


Fuji Group's 8,000 sqm. Large central warehouse is located in a 2 acre compound across the street from Central Bangna in Samutprakarn. From this convenient location, we can easily deliver raw materials to branches inside and outside of Bangkok. The First-In, First-Out (FIFO) model is used, meaning that raw materials arriving first are sent out first to minimize any loss of quality.

The warehouse is divided into three areas :

  1. General area for the storage of dry items such as condiments, bottled beverages, raw materials storable at room temperature and kitchen utensils.
  2. Chill room is a temperature-controlled storage room to maintain the freshness and natural goodness of raw materials.
  3. Freezer room for the storage of meats.


Our modern accounting system complies with the Thai accounting standard. Fuji Group's financial and accounting reports are auditable and certified by licensed auditors. Receipts and sale from all branches are verified by the internal audit department to prevent any possible mistake or misconduct, before being forwarded to the accounting department for bookkeeping. This practice ascertains that financial data used to prepare financial statement is highly accurate and valid.


Fuji Group Training Center is a large 3-storey building located in the same compound as the warehouse. The training facility is divided into two areas:

  1. Service Staff Training Section

    This area consists of a large seminar room accommodating up to 500 people. At Fuji Group, service is at the core of our business and each one of our service staff has been recruited and trained to deliver truly satisfying service for customers. They are trained to have pleasant personality, manner and behavior, as well as, being trained with specific skills related to their job function. All theoretical and practical training programs are supervised and conducted by experienced trainers and with advanced, state-of-the-art equipment.

  2. Chef Training Section

    This training facility is built to duplicate the kitchens in Fuji Restaurants, and it is where our chef apprentices learn their theoretical and practical lessons. Four large-screen Plasma TVs in the room will display lessons taught by master chefs from Japan with over 30 years of cooking experience. There will also be head chefs who supervise each kitchen. The room is large enough to train as many as 100 chefs all at the same time.

    At Fuji Restaurants, chefs are recruited based on a number of qualifications. They need to be intelligent, responsible and efficient in their job, as well as, to have a good manner. They also need to be good team players who have passed our special chef training program, so that, we can always be sure that all of our trained chefs are truly capable of creating the delicious, nutritious menu items that Fuji is famous for. We can also be assured that they are capable of taking over all the responsibilities in the kitchen, whether it be the operation of advanced equipment and tools, raw material selection, cooking techniques or food presentation.

    Chef training is divided into three categories, based on their duties.

    1. Hot Kitchen is divided into five following sections.
      • Agemono : A section for fried menus.
      • Nimono : A section for boiled, steamed and simmered menus including sauces and soups.
      • Yakimono: A section for grilled menus.
      • Tempura: A section for tempura-fried menus.
      • Bento & Salad: A section for salad menus and Bento sets.
    2. Sushi Kitchen This kitchen is responsible for preparing Sashimi, Sushi and Maki. This kitchen is operated by right handed male chefs only.
    3. Teppan Kitchen This kitchen is responsible for preparing steaks and meat dishes, as well as, food that needs to be cooked with a Teppan pan.

Research & Development (R&D)

Our in-house research and development unit has two major areas of responsibilities - the restaurant business and the beverage and weaknesses and work on improvements where needed.

  1. Restaurant Business.
    • Customer satisfaction level is regularly analyzed to see how well we fare in terms of taste, freshness, cleanliness and service. This makes it possible for us to identify our strengths and weaknesses and work on improvements where needed.
    • The R&D team work with our experienced chefs to create new and exclusive menu items that are expected to be appreciated by Thai customers, yet still portray a Japanese flair. These creations take into account current Japanese cuisine trends and are fine tuned to the preferences of Thai diners.
    • Every one and a half years, Fuji Japanese Restaurants have a minor change of about 20% of its menu items, while a major change of about 50% of the menu takes place every three years. This is to bring variety to the table and to stay up-to-date with the needs of our customers.
  2. Beverage and Condiments

    Our R&D team consists of experienced food scientists, and they play an important role in helping us produce quality , nutritious and tasty beverage and condiment products, which are safe because we ensure to use only well selected ingredients.