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We want consumers in Thailand, and in countries around the world, to live a good and healthy life… one which is achieved first by dining well. That is why we are investing in new branches and new restaurants, as well as, in exporting our products to new markets. Activities in this area can be summed up as follows:


With the constraints imposed by our fast-paced modern lifestyle, more and more Thai people are inevitably forced to spend less time cooking. However, this does not mean that they are all for fast food and fail to appreciate alternatives like ready-cooked meals that offer comparable nutrition as a serious meal. We have planned two prospective projects which address this emerging need.


According to our analysis of Asian markets, we have ascertained that Japanese Restaurants and food products still have the potential to grow, especially during this time when population numbers are  rising and the economies throughout the region are flourishing. Our export plans to seize this opportunity are as follows:

Fuji Japanese Restaurants

Fuji Japanese Restaurants are a true success story in Thailand and there are indications that the business will prosper in other markets as well. With its distinctive concept, cozy interior decor, and most importantly, mouthwatering Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices, Fuji Japanese Restaurants are certain to be well received outside of Thailand, particularly in other Asian countries.

Export of Products

Once Fuji Japanese Restaurants are established in other countries, it will be compulsory for us to export quality products including Japanese sauces, Japanese salad dressings , ready-to-drink green tea both in the form of bottles and packs and main cooking ingredients to these markets. This will ensure that the consumers there will enjoy the same excellent delicious and nutritious Japanese food as our customers in Thailand.